About Robb Bailey

Robb is the founder and CEO and has been fearlessly leading the company since 2011. 

After closing his million dollar digital marketing agency in 2015, Robb set out to create a new model that got his clients better results, faster and more cost efficiently. 

Out of that idea, FitCluB Accelerator was born and within 18 months grew to over $2.1 million in revenue and 525 clients. 

After receiving an offer he couldn’t refuse, Robb sold the agency and pivoted towards helping other agency owners replicate his exact success formula from FCA. For the past 3 years Robb’s programs, software and trademark Database Reactivation system has guided over 10,000 businesses to scalable growth and generated over 1 million leads for those businesses. 

With the addition of his software platform Pyros, Robb’s customers are on an unstoppable path that gave them financial stability and growth through COVID-19 along with a clear path to even more financial wins into 2021. 

Robb is a family man with firm belief in work life balance. He doesn’t want to just change your P&L statements or MRR but wants to transform how you can control your business without it controlling you.