Everything I do below has a specific and measurable purpose based on increasing monthly sales and decreasing time spent closing new business for your services.

Selling social media services? How can we increase prospecting opportunities with ideal clients who already understand the value of social? How can we get 8-12 appointments per week booked into your calendar automatically by those ideal prospects?

Selling SEO or consulting services? How can we generate more leads in the vertical you specialize in and get people emailing you with inquiries? How can we increase the number of consultations you have on a weekly/monthly basis?

Most businesses focus on crap that really doesn’t matter. How many times have I tweeted? Am I posting a blog 3 times per week – doesn’t matter!

Everything I do with my clients is tied to a specific and measurable key metric that drive sales growth.

Working with me isn’t cheap, but most of my clients see a 100% return on their investment with me in less than 60 days and many in 30 days!


Chances are, if you’re reading this page… you’re charging too little and working too much. If your services aren’t packaged in the highest perceived value for your clients and customers, you’ll never escape the time-money trap.

I can help you with:

> Productizing your services so you can prevent scope creep from eating up all your profits.

> Bundling your services so the perceived value of what you offer skyrockets.

> Positioning your services as solutions that solve an expensive problem, rather than a menu item that can easily be ordered anywhere.


The #1 problem I see with most marketers today is the gross mismanagement of their prospecting system (i.e. Outbound & Inbound leads). Very often, the #1 money maker in your business is being ignored to learn the next social media platform. When in reality, if you just had a steady, predictable system for getting leads each and every week, you’d be making 6 & 7 figures.

I can help you with:

List building to focus on high income prospects to ensure ROI

Outbound lead generation (outbound emails)

>Building a custom subject line and message copy to achieve 35-55% response rates Inbound Lead Generation

> Social Ad buys

> SEO Follow up at least 4 times using automated (but personalized – no unsubscribe button) emails and convert 8-15% of prospects to demos / in-person meetings

> On-site opt ins

> Lead management

> Focus on converting to demos, free trials, or paid purchasing with direct email to all inbound & outbound leads

> Use of marketing software, email, & customer relationship management systems


The first business I sold was a content and e-product business. You probably have the content to create a course sitting right on your blog. I recently helped a client generate thousands of dollars in the first month of selling a course which was just a collection of old blog posts and emails. It ended up being 21% of their total monthly revenue with the first course, in the first month!

I can help you:

> Take existing content and turn it into a paid course

> Locked down membership area where only paid users have access

> Create a fully automated funnel to sell thousands of dollars worth of courses

> Optimized sales pages

> Live or automated webinars

> Follow up emails to close more sales


Just getting off the ground? I’ve been there. There are so many things people tell you to focus on that are absolute crap.

There are really only 4 steps that matter:

  1. Defining your market
  2. Crafting your “offer” (product or services)
  3. Generating Leads
  4. Scheduling Meetings and closing deals

Most people spend way too much time on 1 & 2 and not enough on 3 & 4.

You need to get out there and beat the streets! I had never started a consultancy before and went from $0-12K in monthly revenue in less than 90 days.

We’ll meet twice per month and go over the detailed actions steps to ensure you’re meeting each of these four steps and on your way to growing your own business!


I’m not interested in working with whiners and people who make excuses from doing the tough work.

Most of the things we do are basic and they work. We don’t like to get fancy and we follow the KISS method – Keep it simple stupid! But my team and I don’t have time to convince our clients of the best path. We try things, most work, some don’t.

If you’re not open to trying new things, pushing the limits of what you’ve done before and are ready to accept some failure, we shouldn’t work together.

My services aren’t cheap but most clients see a full return in 60-90 days or sooner. It’s a no brainer for those clients who are willing to pull the trigger. Let’s do this.